Book With Our Partners!

At Stocked we recommend booking directly with our partners for many reasons! Booking directly has a more personalized experience and can improve your overal stay connecting directly with hosts. We believe in working with our partners because collaboration fosters a positive environment that enhances creativity, efficiency, and mutual growth. By uniting our strengths, resources, and expertise, we can achieve shared goals more effectively and innovatively.


Book Direct!

Booking directly with our partners when vacationing offers several advantages

  • Better Customer Service:

    Direct interactions lead to quicker, personalized responses.
  • Better Deals or Rates:

    Often access to the best prices or exclusive offers without third-party fees.
  • More Flexibility:

    Easier changes or cancellations when booked directly.
  • Supports Local Economy:

    Ensures money goes directly to service providers, supporting local businesses.
  • Ethical and Economic Sustainability:

    Direct booking contributes to sustainable tourism practices.


We have worked with so many amazing people!

“Stocked provides an amazing service to my guests who stay at our vacation rentals! Broc is so helpful and responsive to any of the guests requests. He makes sure everything is perfectly arranged in the fridge and counter so that guests are starting their vacation with no stress! His service elevates our guest experience and I could not ask for anyone better than Broc to be running this amazing business.”

Kara Piwowar

“The team at Stocked! are off the charts when it comes to customer service, communication and product availability. Every time I think I am asking for the moon, Broc comes through without breaking a sweat. He has designed custom things for us that have been game changers for our company, and he makes us look great to our clients and colleagues when we want to treat them to something special. Stocked! is about so much more that grocery delivery!”

Clover Keyes Roy

“Love the team at Stocked. Their service has been amazing throughout the entire summer and they offer great service and communication, as well as responsiveness! We used their services to create a gift basket for our Airbnb guest stays this summer and they created a beautiful product that was affordable and always on time.”

Kendall Rose

“We love working with Stocked to provide our short term rental units with their convenient grocery delivery service. It has saved our guests valuable time on vacation by not having to go to the grocery store. It has been a major value add to our business.”

Carrie Drier

“A convenient, affordable addition to your Traverse City vacation. I absolutely recommend this service and will use again. Nothing better than walking into your rental home with all food already stocked and organized.”

Alicia Filler